The Blue Roll Cart – What’s it really for?

In 2010, The City of Dublin launched its voluntary curbside residential recycling program in an effort to keep our community Green and Growing. Large blue carts and simple guidelines specifying acceptable and non-acceptable materials were provided to every single family household in the city limits. Single-Stream recycling has provided ease to recycling, allowing residents to mix all recyclable items into one container – no sorting necessary. The city’s collection capacity doubled overnight! Dublin residents were ready to make a positive impact on the environment and limit the use and growth our landfills. Over 700 TONS of recyclable materials have been diverted from our landfill due to the recycling efforts of the City of Dublin’s residents!

Recycling, however, is not only good for our environment; it’s good for our economy. Partnering with SP Recycling and the Laurens County Solid Waste Management Authority, the city’s single stream recycling efforts provides SP Newsprint with valuable raw material: newspaper and cardboard. Every piece of newspaper and cardboard you throw into your blue cart goes directly to the SPRecycling in Forest Park , Georgia, to be processed and returned to SPNewsprint in Dublin, Georgia to be reused. Recycling this material plays a vital role as SP Newsprint’s Dublin mill relies on recycled paper and cardboard to feed their production facility.

According to the Laurens County Solid Waste Management Authority, the single stream recycling of the City of Dublin, along with the recycling efforts of the cities of Rentz and Dudley, have added 5 – 6 years of use to our county landfill in the last four years! The Laurens County Solid Waste Management Authority are now hauling three 43ft. tractor tailors filled with recyclable material EVERY WEEK!

Did you know 70% of your trash can be recycled? This provides great benefits to the environment and the local economy. So think “Green” before you throw away!

Materials Recycled Paper Items: Newspaper, Magazines, Phone Books, Catalogues, Cardboard boxes (Remove interior food liners), Office paper and Junk Mail Other Items: Aluminum Cans Steel or Tin Cans (rinsed and clean) #1 and #2 Plastics (rinsed and clean) Exp: Soda and Water Bottles, Milk containers, Laundry Detergent Bottles

For information on recycling items not listed on the list or other questions concerning recycling options or upcoming events call Keep Dublin-Laurens Beautiful, Inc. 478-277-5092 or visit KDB’s website